Friday, July 31, 2009



accede: stick to agreement
exceed: surpass

accept: receive
except: exclude

adapt: adjust
adept: proficient

adverse: opposed
averse: not interested

affect: change, influence
effect: (v) to bring about (n) result, impression

all right: all right
alright: outdated usage

allude: refer to indirectly
elude: avoid

altar: place of worship
alter: to change

appraise: value
apprise: inform, notify

capital:seat of government; money
capitol: building where legislative body meets

complement:something that completes (noun); to complete (verb).
compliment: a flattering remark (noun); to praise (verb)

continual: happens frequently in time: close succession
continuous: uninterrupted

emigration: moving from a country
immigration: moving to a country

eminent: outstanding, revered
imminent: threatening to happen soon

everyday: The everyday (ordinary) routine of working
every day: Call me every day (each day) this week.

farther: refers to actual distance
further: refers to figurative distance

imply: speaker implies (suggests)
infer: hearer infers (perceives)

floe: large sheet of floating ice
flow: move, run freely, circulate

lay: to set down, to place or put an item down
lie: to recline

pray: to ask for by prayer or supplication
prey: animal hunted or caught for food; victim

principal: first in authority; main participant; amount of a debt less interest
principle: basic truth or assumption

raise: to cause to lift or to lift something
rise: to ascend, move upward, or get up

real: adjective (real sugar)
really: adverb (really wishing for...)

set: to place something somewhere
sit: to be in a position of rest or to be seated

stationary: not moving: fixed
stationery: writing material: letterhead, envelopes, etc.

suit: a set of clothes; legal action
suite: number of items making up a set, series, or sequence

waiver: the giving up of a claim
waver: to hesitate; also tremble or quaver

Confusing Word Triplets

ensure: to make sure or certain; guarantee; to protect

insure: to take out or issue insurance; to pay or be paid money in the case of loss

assure: convince, make sure of something, to give confidence; to declare or promise confidently

to: in the direction of; toward

too: in addition; as well, also

two: more than one; less than three

their: belonging to; possessive of "they"

there: at, or in that place

they're: combination of "they are"


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